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Epigenetic Therapies for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer researcher and oncologist Nancy Davidson discusses what we’ve learned from the first wave of epigenetic trials for breast cancer, and what challenges lie ahead before such therapies reach the clinic.

Exosomes from Blood Carry RNA Signatures of Liver Cancer

A small study finds that the tiny extracellular vesicles from patients with hepatocellular carcinoma have RNA content distinct from patients with cirrhosis only.

A 10,000-Genome Milestone for Shared Pediatric Cancer Data

Computational biologist Jinghui Zhang of St. Jude realized scientists could work more efficiently with tools and genomic data shared on the cloud.

Tuberculosis Can Emerge After Cancer Immunotherapy

At least a handful of patients have developed active TB after receiving cancer treatment designed to boost the immune system’s antitumor response.

Cancer Vaxxer: A Profile of Miriam Merad

The Mount Sinai oncologist studies innate immune cells with the goal of designing novel immunotherapies, including cancer vaccines.