Free Second Opinion

Panel of Doctors

S No Name Designation
1 Dr J K Singh Oncologists & Cancer Care India(Padmashree Award)
2 Dr R V Rao Medical Oncologist
3 Dr K Sambasivaiah Medical Oncologist
4 Dr Parmi Ramesh Surgical Oncologist
5 Dr Narsimha Rao Radiation Oncologist
6 Dr M V Chalapathi Rao Interventional Radiologist
7 Dr Phani Krishna Ravula Gastro & Liver Transplant Surgeon
8 Dr V V Ramana Prasad Pulmonologist
9 Dr Surendra Mediologist & Hematologist
10 Dr Sravanthi Gynaecologist

Swastava Cancer care provides second opinion from their panel of doctors and experts in the field. You are requested to upload the following..

Patient Name
Mobile Number
Write Present Clinical Condition Of The Patient:
CT/MRI/Ultra Sound/ PET City Plates to be send :
Scan Copies of Investigation Reports (Latest):

Also you can send all the above details through an Email to: